Best iOS 11 Features

You are probably more than a little curious for all the new iOS 11 features Apple is preparing to bring. The successor to iOS 10 will officially release this fall along with the next-gen iPhones. As of today, beta testing is underway as usual and registered users can opt in to be a part of the program. You can install betas from iOS 11 IPSW download links.

Read on to find out all the cool new features of iOS 11 you can expect when it finally arrives.

ios 11 features

iOS 11 Features

Announced on June 5, 2017, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017), iOS 11 was touted by Apple CEO Tim Cook as being the best and most advanced operating system with several new features, as well as improvement over existing ones. Let’s have a look at a few of them starting from the design:

iOS 11 New Design

Before Apple unveiled iOS 11, it was said that the new OS will bring significant changes in the design. On that front, it looks like rather than introducing any drastic changes, Apple is keener on pushing subtle design updates throughout the operating system.

Many iOS native apps have been given a new touch with bolder fonts and darker lines. That is indeed a significant shift from Cupertino’s tendency of sticking with thin fonts since iOS 7. Apps such as Calculator, Phone, etc. now come with new designs carrying round buttons and darker fonts. We have also noticed certain hard-to-miss tweaks in apps like Apple News, Podcasts, and Messages. Meanwhile, a few other apps such as Reminders and Calendar remain relatively unchanged.

Revamped Control Center

Amongst the best iOS 11 features is the new and improved Control Center. It deviates from Apple’s earlier approach with the three-panel Control Center that we saw in iOS 10. In iOS 11, you have the liberty to add or remove shortcuts as per your needs. Besides, there are also a few iOS 11 hidden features that enable you to exert better control over how the operating system behaves in general.

Another exciting new iOS 11 feature is the introduction of smarter AirPod interactions. Unlike iOS 10 where users could only activate Siri by double tapping on an AirPod earbud, iOS 11 allows users to control specific functions each AirPod will take.

Native storage space happens to be always at a premium when it comes to any mobile device. It applies in particular for those using devices with 16GB built-in storage. In order to address the potential scarcity of storage space in Apple devices, the company is adding a new ability in iOS 11 to get rid of any unused app while simultaneously providing tips and tricks for freeing up space with just a couple of taps.

Another promising iOS 11 new feature is the ability to automatically switch to a Do Not Disturb While Driving mode. Any incoming text/ IM alert will be stopped when you are driving, allowing you to focus solely on the road.

Apart from these, there is also a new dark mode in the Settings app. While it won’t necessarily be useful in your everyday usage, it could help you carry out tasks more efficiently in dark environments.

Improved Siri

Taking Siri to another level is one among the new iOS 11 features. Apple is always conscious about improving Siri one way or the other with each new iteration of iOS, iOS 11 being no exception to that trend. In the newest version of the operating system, Siri is bestowed with way more realistic female and male voices that do a pretty neat job in mimicking actual human speech.

Cupertino claims that deep learning powers the new voice option Siri in iOS 11 for a more expressive voice and better pronunciation.

The improved Siri in iOS 11 also deploys an on-device learning mechanism for a better idea about your taste, interests, preferences, and other details. Siri also syncs the new information it learns across all connected iOS and Mac devices. For better security, Apple has also deployed end-to-end encryption, so the synchronized data is only accessible to the authorized devices.

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Features for the Creatives

Among all the cool new features in iOS 11, the ability to create a quick animation out of a Live Photo is probably going to among the popular ones. It’s simple too. All you need to do is tap a couple of times here and there, and the result is entertaining.

The new screenshot tool is also much better. In addition to allowing quick screenshots, it also makes cropping, editing, and adding signature faster and convenient.

Besides, iOS 11 also makes scanning documents possible in the Notes app. Just launch the app, select the ‘scan document’ option, and wait while the app scans your document.

New Lockscreen

The Notification Center in iOS 11 has been merged with the lock screen. So, when you pull down the top of display for new notifications, you see the lock screen coming down rather than a separate Notification Center window.

The lock screen, however, shows all the unread notifications prominently. Meanwhile, all the recent notifications that you have already read can be accessed by swiping upward from the middle of the screen. To get back to the Home screen, you just have to double swipe from the same position.

These are, in short, a few of the new features in iOS 11. We will be updating the page with more iOS 11 features time to time.  We suggest you bookmark this page and keep checking for new feature additions.

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